When: from 29/06/2018 to 1/07/2018

Where: c/o ASD Avigliana Calcio, Via Oronte Nota 3, 10051 Avigliana (TO)

An entire event dedicated to the growing sector of Solidarity Economy: presentations of projects, conferences, debates, and roundtables. We wait for you at Avigliana, in Val di Susa, from 29 June to 1 July 2018!

If you think it is necessary to grow and cultivate a great sense of Unity, if you really want to change this world, if you do not want others always choose for you, then … it is just up to you! Now! Today!

All together we are working to build a new sense of Unity, without generals or leaders. We are organizing many thematic workshops, and much more will come in the next weeks!

If you do not believe that politics can get you something good, if you believe that change is in your hands, roll your sleeves!

Go to the webpage

Read the contents and check if the themes here meet your need for a change. If so, help us by writing to: altravelocita(at)socialbusinessworld.org and invite other groups dealing with the same topics.

If not, ask to be invited, become one of the stars of this event and propose your theme! Furthermore, you can spread the voice about this event to all the groups and people you think are tired of being a pawn of a game played in the “Button Room”.

On Sunday, the 1st of July, a market will be held in the same location. The link for the registration form is here.

The festival will be preceded by the Summer School 2018 organized by the Reti di Reti in Venaus (Val di Susa) on the theme “Build Community Today: self-reliance and self-government” and a tourist walk will be organized by the Compagnia dei Cammini from the 27th to 29th of June.


  1. Co-Production and Community Supported Agriculture – by Galline Felici
  2. Open-Source ICT development for Solidarity Economy and Community Currency Systems – by RETICS
  3. Small-scale Retail Channel (PDO) – by RES.TO with local producers, GAStorino, OLTREfood
  4. Fiscal aspect of Producer Associations – by RES.TO
  5. Meeting local realities – by Scenari dal Futuro
  6. The Value of Food – by LoFaccioBene
  7.  Workshop: Farmer Networks – by REES Marche, Rete dei Semi Rurali, Mais, ASCI ed ARI
  8. Community Currency Systems for Solidarity Economy – by RETICS
  9. GAS and Health – by RES.TO
  10. Ingredients for the future – by Reti di Reti
  11. Integrated Communication – by Galline Felici, IRIS
  12. Workshop: Communication without Marketing – by Smarketing
  13. Workshop: facilitated communication – by Alekoslab
  14. Integration for Migrants- by REES Marche, Etinomia, Refugees Welcome, Maramao
  15. Collective Intelligence – by Usine-à-Gas
  16. Workshop on Economy for the Common Good: balance sheet for companies’ impact – by Iris
  17. To Travel – by Compagnia dei Cammini
  18. Workshop for children and teenagers – by Praticare il Futuro

Organizing Associations

Etinomia, Worcup!, Galline Felici, Usine-à-Gas (Cortocircuiti Francesi), GAStorino, RES.TO (Rete Gas Torino Ovest composto dai Gas: Almese, Alpignano, Arcoiris, Buttigliera Alta, Cavagnetta, DalBass, Pianezza, Trana, Valmessa), Cittadinanza Sostenibile (Bergamo), REES Marche, Gas Chiomonte, Gas Pinerolo Stranamore, Praticare il futuro, Solidarius Italia, Iris, Social Business World, Comune-info, LoFaccioBene, Scenari di Futuro, Smarketing, Alekoslab, Rete di Reti (Associazione Decrescita, Bilanci di Giustizia, Federazione per l’Economia del Bene Comune, Italia che Cambia, Movimento Decrescita Felice, RES Italia, RIVE, Terra Nuova insieme ad altre reti e organizzazioni), Compagnia dei Cammini, Movimento Terra Contadina, Rete Gas Varese.

For further information please visit the SBW webpage.



For producers: mercatino.fav(chiocciola)gmail.com

For the Summer School: scuolavalsusa2018(chiocciola)gmail.com

Provincia:  Torino
Regione:  Piemonte






Festa dell’Altra Velocità – [ENG Version]

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